Monday, June 1, 2009


Crimson/Plum is a husband and wife team (I am the wife and Plum half, Crimson is not big on blogging) who adore eating and working with chocolate. We have enjoyed making chocolates for friends and family at Christmastime for several years, and we are turning this into a year-round hobby.

Here you will read of our chocolatey exploits - we are starting to play around with different brands, percentages, and techniques, and I will report on the results of our experimentation. You will also likely find reviews of chocolate brands, photographs of our creations, and tutorials if you would like to try making some of these tasty treats for yourself. Although chocolate-making is the main theme, we will also be making (and posting) about other confections (I am particularly fond of marshmallow and caramel) and probably a bit of baking will sneak in as well.

Eventually we plan to sell off some of the fruits of our labors (my coworkers are enjoying them so far, but I'm guessing they can only eat so many truffles a week before they start blaming me for their extra gym hours) - so keep an eye on! (Of course, I'll post anytime we have something up for sale.)


  1. I think some of this will go over my head, but since the end result is CHOCOLATE, it's all good.

    (Also, keep the vegan in mind. She likes the chocolate and finds it difficult to find, especially in various forms like crispy and peanut butter cup.)

  2. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to make vegan ganache, since it's chocolate + cream. Or marshmallows, since they require gelatin. The barks we've made are certainly vegan, and although our PB cup recipe involves butter I'm betting margarine would work. The secret to PB with a texture like Reese's: PB + butter (or probably margarine) + powdered sugar.